The Nordic Motorcycle Club, or NMC, was established in central Nevada following the end of the Vietnam conflict in the late 1970's. A small group of four veterans, the club's membership soon swelled and members of the club began to become a menace to the the areas they inhabited. A portion of the club's members fell out of the club to resume normal civilian life in the early 1980's, including the club's initial four founders. Carl Sheffman, a Nevada native and veteran of the Vietnam War proclaimed himself the President of the club and shortly thereafter claimed the club was a 1%er organization, thus giving way to the Nordic Motorcycle Club as they are known today.

By 1995, the club had about a dozen chapters spread amongst Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. Membership grew to over 120 members and remained secretive in their actions. It was only until August of 2002 before any criminal actions were tied to the Nordic Motorcycle Club as an organization. 11 members of a Nordic Motorcycle Club chapter in Arizona were found to be involved in a heroin, ketamine and methamphetamine trafficking operation that spanned between northern Arizona and southern Utah. All members were arraigned on the drug trafficking charges, as well as some of the members having been arraigned for weapons trafficking charges. A chapter established in San Andreas is said to control the methamphetamine trade throughout Red County.

Imprisoned members of the Nordic Motorcycle Club are also connected to The Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi Lowriders or other smaller Caucasian prison gangs based on what prison the member resides in.

Today, there are a total of 14 established chapters with about 150-160 active members spread between Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and San Andreas. There are an additional 15 established members in prison.