The Harlan Connection

The Harlan Connection is a criminal syndicate operating around Jefferson and Glen Park. Michael Blackwood is said to be the founder and current leader of the organization .Opening several legal buisinesess around their area of operation throughout money laundering, The Harlan Connection rose to power and control over Jeffersson in a short amount of time. It was being said that the syndicate was comprised of only aryan americans, but the speculations turned out to be false when other ethnic groups were seen operating around the Connection.

Started in 2010 as a way for Michael Blackwood, a  young small time gangster from Harlan, Kentucky, and his partener and close friend, Logan Miller to earn some easy money, it soonly grew to the shape it is at today .In its early days, the main activities of this organization were small thefts, robberies and drug dealing.

After Logan was imprisoned for grand theft auto, the way of operation was changed , rapidly changing the duo from small time criminals to important faces around the neighbourhood.

In present days, Logan and Michael are mostly in charge of the legal side of their buisiness and mostly, the Jefferson Lounge, but some say they still have a high involvement in many criminal activities.