Thom 1
Thomas O'Shaughnessy
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Jefferson, Los Santos (San Andreas)


May 14th, 1983 (Age 31)

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Known family

Victoria Esteban (ex-wife)
Liah O'Shaughnessy (daughter)

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C2C - Down the Road (Official)

C2C - Down the Road (Official)

Thomas "Thom" O'Shaughnessy [O-Shɑ:nəsi] is an Irish-American citizen of Los Santos and a licensed, yet unemployed P.I. 


Born to a couple of legal immigrants from Northern Ireland in the neighborhood of Jefferson, Thom suffered through a rather destitute childhood. He put himself through high school by waiting tables, cleaning toilets and the occasional minor robbery or two, due to his dysfunctional family being of little help to him. Unable to afford college, he stocked up all the money he had in the world to obtain a private investigator's license.

Despite the fact that he was amazing at his job, his clients were always the stereotypical ones for an underachieving, overqualified private eye. Rich men in their 50s wondering if their 20 year old model trophy wife is getting some strange. Bored housewives who dropped their wedding ring behind the couch and reported it stolen. Wealthy people whose lives were better than his own in every way.

The monotony and pointlessness of his life lead him to drown out his frustrations in bottles of cheap liquor. He grew estranged from his wife with each passing day and the two eventually divorced, with her winning full custody of their child. The landlord of the office he used eventually evicted him due to unpaid rents, which were a result of his budget severely thinning from the divorce and his drinking habits.

Unmarried, unemployed and chasing the middle of his 30ies, Thom finds the only consolation he can in alcohol, hookers and the occasional line of coke, looking for a way to get his life back on track.