It was a dark stormy night, in the Outer City Areas of Los Santos.

Chris was a young teenager, at the mere age of 14.

His parents were shot by corrupt police officers, based on a false accusation they made, due to the racist conflict between the cops and parents.

The cops were black who hated white people or even mixed race people, that means half-cast, half indian half white people, anyone who wasn't fully black.

This is when the fuel started.

At the age of 16, Chris discovered at first sight a shooting occur right infront of him, escalated from a minor driveby, from the typical random little gangs that claim Outer Los Santos as their turf, well once the person was dead, his gun was on the ground, his homies left the scene, the unit of two (being the black officers) hated the kid, hated the family, the Officers tried to accuse the child of shooting the man, then dropping the gun, shocked as ever. At least, that was their story, the kid however saw it all.

His parents come out, start complaining that Police Officers are just being rude to a teenage boy. As parents, you know they'd back their child up, protecting their own and would do whatever it takes, right? Well uhm, of course knowing the racist cops this was already intended by then, and so they had withdrawed their Police Issued Glock 19s, opening fire on their parents, and smacking the kid with the gun, which resulted in him blacking out.

**Five Years Later**

Chris Scarfield decided to overlook that traumatising event, and wanted to sign up as a PO to show the citizens that scumbags like the unit he had dealt with all his teenage life, are not real police officers. Real police officers work as God's children...Not Satan's diciples.

Chris doesn't carry out this idea of his, instead he remains doing what he was doing, working at a Records Store, as a Manager.

**Six Years Later**

Chris is finally sick and fed up of his current job, wanting to quit it and either apply for the City Police Department, so he tunes into the Inner City of Los Santos, and gets a cheap apartment near the main districts in the vicinity of Verona, jobless until he gets his wish which is to serve the citizens of Los Santos.