Vanessa Ginotti/Lionetti
Biographical information

Lionettion, Maria




December 6, 1990 (Age: 23)
Manhattan, New York

Physical description
Hair color


Eye color


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Familial and political information
Known family

Dominic Ginotti (Father)
Isabella De Rio (Mother†)
Aldo Ginotti (Brother)
Oliver Ryang (Husband)

Miscellaneous information

History Edit

Vanessa was born in a Manhattan hospital in New York City to Dominic Ginotti and Isabella De Rio.

She was born as the second child, Following Aldo.

After she was ready in the hospital the family of four moved to Berlín, El Salvador. She grew up lonely because the kids parents didn't like that they played with Vanessa because her father was an illegal businessman.

Although the population was filled with the Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang members.

When Vanessa was 6 her father began to beat her, not liking that she is a girl and saying that he wanted another son.

She tried to evade her father as most as possible, As she wouldn't get beaten then or her mother who protected Vanessa.

After 4 yours her older brother began to follow his father footsteps extorting kids at school and beating up girls.

Such as Vanessa and her only friend.

To ease the pain around the age of 16 she started to do drugs.

Vanessa started her militairy career as she became a pilot at the Fuerza Aérea Ejército de Salvador.

She mostly flew with a helicopter transporting troops agianst the war on drugs.


A photo of Vanessa flying a helicopter.

She stole confiscated drugs from the base which resulted that she was dishonourable discharged after 3 years.

Vanessa needed an income so she wouldn't get back to her old house, fearing that her father and brother would beat her at home.

After a week she was contacted by an old contact from the militairy base suggesting a job as drug pilot, flying drugs over the border and dropping it at the marked spots.

Vanessa accepted the job and made around $50,000.00 USD over a period of 3 years which she completely spend on drugs and luxury.

She had to stop when the cartel knew she was a drug addict.

Vanessa still fearing her father and brother made a decision to go to America under her family's rival's name Lionetti.

Los Santos Edit

After arriving in Los Santos, Vanessa decided to stroll around Los Santos.

Drawing places, items and humans such as the Santa Maria Beach, The Al-Najjar Lounge and such.

When she was drawing the Al-Najjar Lounge she was told to stop drawing the lounge by Al-Najjar members.

She didn't stop drawing resulting that she was searched by the members and the drawingbook was set on fire.

Leaving a message that she had to stop coming to Santa Maria Beach.

After a week of coming to Los Santos she was robbed, Leaving her only with her pants and the items inside.

After living on the streets for a week or two she moved in with Oliver Ryang, As she fell in love with him not much later.